Welcome to the site of the Fire Kasina, the ancient Buddhist practice of concentration and magick. We, Duncan, Florian, and Daniel, welcome you to explore the depths of what this and related kasina practices can lead to. Kasinas are meditations on external objects that generate internal images that can lead to all sorts of remarkable effects. This site is dedicated to cultivating these experiences.

Best wishes in your practice,

Duncan, Florian and Daniel

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very cool guys! I’m an old student of Carlos Castaneda’s private classes, and was starting to wonder why there weren’t other people who had learned this sort of thing.

    I don’t know if I can ask questions here, but my primary question would be, if someone learns to see past ordinary interpretations, does what they were taught (what tradition) determine what they perceive?
    Carlos called it, “intent”, meaning, the brains ability to fill in missing details, in the absense of enough information. So when perceiving something that can only partially be perceived, our brain makes it easier to manage by filling in missing details.

    That doesn’t mean it’s imaginary. Carlos maintained that the whole of reality works that way.

    What have you guys learned about this? Myself, I’m perceiving precisely what Carlos described. When I get lucky and can get absolutely silent that is.


    1. We don’t run any specific retreats for the public. We do go on private retreats with friends that we arrange ourselves. Even to say “we” is problematic, as this is a loose group of friends who are practitioners, not a fixed organization. If you are interested in doing this practice with friends, invite some, find a place, figure out logistics and food, listen to and read the available resources here (and other resources on concentration and these sorts of practices as well), practice well, keep each other sane and safe, and have fun: my best advice. Best wishes!


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