Welcome to the site of the Fire Kasina, the ancient Buddhist practice of concentration and magick. We, Duncan, Florian, and Daniel, welcome you to explore the depths of what this and related kasina practices can lead to. Kasinas are meditations on external objects that generate internal images that can lead to all sorts of remarkable effects. This site is dedicated to cultivating these experiences.

Best wishes in your practice,

Duncan, Florian and Daniel

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very cool guys! I’m an old student of Carlos Castaneda’s private classes, and was starting to wonder why there weren’t other people who had learned this sort of thing.

    I don’t know if I can ask questions here, but my primary question would be, if someone learns to see past ordinary interpretations, does what they were taught (what tradition) determine what they perceive?
    Carlos called it, “intent”, meaning, the brains ability to fill in missing details, in the absense of enough information. So when perceiving something that can only partially be perceived, our brain makes it easier to manage by filling in missing details.

    That doesn’t mean it’s imaginary. Carlos maintained that the whole of reality works that way.

    What have you guys learned about this? Myself, I’m perceiving precisely what Carlos described. When I get lucky and can get absolutely silent that is.


    1. We don’t run any specific retreats for the public. We do go on private retreats with friends that we arrange ourselves. Even to say “we” is problematic, as this is a loose group of friends who are practitioners, not a fixed organization. If you are interested in doing this practice with friends, invite some, find a place, figure out logistics and food, listen to and read the available resources here (and other resources on concentration and these sorts of practices as well), practice well, keep each other sane and safe, and have fun: my best advice. Best wishes!


      1. I have no data on that, but I do know that some people with aphantasia may still see colors and patterns and the like, as what fire asian works with is not quite the same thing as inner visualization ability. As to ADHD, I hypothesize that anything interesting that helps stabilize and develop concentration and the ability to direct the mind and keep it on task might help, but, again, the scientist in me would like a good trial or three.


  2. I heard you guys are tossing chi balls!

    Cool. I was afraid this knowledge was lost forever.

    Do you know you can manifest objects and spirits with them? Compress the balls with your hands for a while, in absolute mental silence, then open up the hands and let the energy do as it will.

    Also, on the edges of the brightest ones, hypnogogic images can spin off.

    Writing is one possible manifestation, and you can even learn to read it continuously, to get information you hadn’t yet fully formulated.

    But faces are also common.

    If you scoop those with your hand, and play with those the way you do with the energy balls, a spirit will take notice and inhabit the image for you.

    They like the energy of awareness released by this kind of practice.

    You can train them to take any form you like, and return day after day.

    Another use for the “chi balls”: Watch the darkness for your energy, and look for a flat surface forming in front of you, like a wall made out of the light. It can be brilliant, or vague. If your awareness is VERY flexible, it can even look like a real wall, perhaps with wall paper.

    But if you feel you see it, no matter how vague, you have a portal. Watch the portal. When it’s brighter, extend it to all the walls in your room.

    Other worlds will become visible on the walls. Sometimes you can enter and remain there a while.

    And if that’s not too much for you, watch the colors in the darkness, and wait for them to fill the room with fog patches, instead of being in one place only.

    Sit in absolute silence, and stare into a piece of the fog that has unusual details.

    You’ll intercept the dream of a person sleeping nearby.

    This isn’t from a book, my teacher showed me, and I do it nightly.

    So far, I’ve only found you guys, being able to do it too. Buddhism needs an infusion of magic. It’s gotten stale.

    I hope you keep going.


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