Fire Kasina Book

In November, 2017, Shannon and Daniel published a free book called The Fire Kasina about Shannon’s fire kasina retreat.

Here is a link to download The Fire Kasina book in .pdf form.

Here is a Portuguese TRADUÇÃO FIRE KASINA in .pdf format, courtesy of Kaio Shimanski: Thanks!

This book is for free distribution. It is an account of a retreat by Shannon with commentary by her and Daniel as well as some other practical goodies. Enjoy!

If you wish to buy a print copy, it can be ordered from Lulu, the on-demand publisher. In the spirit of not making money on the dharma, we make no profit on this book, asking simply the cost that Lulu charges and having set our take to zero.

May this book benefit all beings. May the technologies in it be used skillfully by those who wish to develop strong concentration and realize the benefits thereof.

Many thanks to Duncan for all his help with editing, typesetting and the cover, as well as lending the good name of Heptarchia to it, as well as to Florian for helping Shannon with her retreat.