Bryngarth 2019

In the Fall of 2019, 10 brave adventurers did a two-week fire kasina retreat at the house Bryngarth, in Hereford, overlooking the mountainous border of Wales. On the last night, we recorded the following audio reports and advice, broken down by topics. Much laughter was enjoyed by us, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Bryngarth 1: Dealing with Difficulties

Bryngarth 2: Dharma Topics

Bryngarth 3.1: General Topics Part I

Bryngarth 3.2: General Topics, Part II

Bryngarth 3.3: General Topics, Part III

Bryngarth 4: Interactivity

Bryngarth 5.1: Magic, Part I

Bryngarth 5.2: Magic, Part II

Bryngarth 6: Maps

Bryngarth 7.1: Phenomenology, Part I

Bryngarth 7.2: Phenomenology, Part II

Bryngarth 7.3: Phenomenology, Part III

Bryngarth 8: Posture

Bryngarth 9: Socializing

Bryngarth 10: Strategy and Final Thoughts