Dear Readers,

Welcome to the site dedicated to exploring the ancient practice of the Fire Kasina, described in places such as the Visuddhimagga and Vimuttimagga, commentaries on the Pali Canon. It is a meditative practice in which you stare at a candle flame (or other source of flame, such as a lamp, or even the LED from a phone), close your eyes, and pay attention to what you see. It is the basis of deep concentration states, fascinating visual and other magickal experiences, and can also serve as a basis for insight and awakening.

Duncan, Florian and myself (Daniel) undertook two weeks of 12+ hours per day of meditative practice, most of which was candle-flame (fire) kasina practice. We discovered all sorts of things we wished to share with others, who might want to take up these practices or have done them and want to compare notes, so we started this site, on which we hope to explore what happened, compare it to the old texts, and give advice on how to do something like we did.

More recently, Shannon undertook her own 25-day solo retreat exploring the same techniques. Recorded summaries and audio diaries from both retreats are available in the Audio section. We have also produced a written commentary on the Vimuttimagga, which seeks to elucidate in detail how this technique is practiced.

Even more recently, Chad Atlas, John Finnell, Chris Miller and Gabe miller did a 9-day retreat and posted some reports and audio in the Audio section.

In February, 2017 Daniel saw light everywhere… 

In November, 2017, Shannon and Daniel published a free book called The Fire Kasina about Shannon’s fire kasina retreat.

In late 2017 Elizabeth went on retreat with Culadasa and reported here.

May this site serve as a basis for great practice,