Denman Island 2018 FAQ Project

We assembled a list of about 65 most commonly asked questions during the retreat, ordered them into some sort of coherent sequence, and then, at the end of the retreat, a group of us sat in a circle in the main meditation hall and answered them as a group, a process that took a few hours. The popping and crackling you hear in the background is the sound of the fire that kept us warm on that chilly Canadian night, which seems appropriate to discussing fire kasina. Thanks to all who participated to help lend wisdom to others who will follow on this path.

Denman Island 2018 FAQ Part I: focuses on essential practice basics.

Denman Island FAQ Part II: focuses on the Murk and frustrating aspects of the practice.

Denman Island FAQ Part III: focuses on some more complexities that can arise in the more difficult stages of the practice.

Denman Island FAQ Part IV: focuses on some more advanced topics, such as jhanas, powers, insight stages, stream entry, and Fruitions.